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In our society today it is easy to see that our youth are suffering in many ways. Many suffer from the lack of opportunity because they live with single parents, struggle with low self esteem, and many simply are not made aware of the importance of basic hygiene and self image and how these practices can have a positive effect on their lives. We at Heads Up Barber and Beauty recognize that our youth are the fabric of our future and together we have designed an enrichment program called “Heads Up For Our Youth”. In this program, our company hosts a group of students from our local schools and youth facilities and provide professional hair cutting and grooming services to them at no cost and we empower them with information about self hair care, skin care and general hygiene. We feel it is extremely important to empower our young men and women with this knowledge to build their confidence. Heads Up Barber and Beauty needs your help with our programs through sponsorships and resources. If you would like to learn more about our programs and would like to be considered for sponsorship for one of our upcoming events fill out the short form below. Thank you …


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