“Heads up For Our Youth” is an organization created by Heads Up barber And Beauty and the goal of this organization is to reach and impact the lives of our local up and coming youth, providing them with haircuts and educating them on proper grooming techniques and habits. To achieve this goal we orchestrate events where we host students from local schools and youth facilities at our Heads Up Barber and Beauty location on West Wendover. “Heads Up For Our Youth” provides free haircuts for the participants along with free lunch and a lesson on proper grooming. As well as the fundamentals, properties and values of success while helping build their self-esteem.
We have successfully orchestrated two events thus far and are preparing for a third. With the growing success and knowledge of each event from the last, the list of schools and youth facilities waiting and wanting to participate has grown. Heads Up Barber and Beauty willingly gives its time and what resources that are possible to the organization and helping our youth flourish. However with the number of schools and youth facilities that are wanting and waiting to take part growing and back building, we now ask that people become a part of this new entity. We ask that anyone willing and able to donate to a cause and help this organization for our youth please do so. But most importantly we ask if you are willing and able to sponsor a child for this program that you do so.
Help us help our youth, all monies collected via donation or your sponsorship will go immediately to the “Heads Up For Our Youth” organization and reserve a spot for one youth. It only takes $25.00 to sponsor a child for this unforgettable experience. The gift your sponsorship will provide includes reserving for one child transportation to and from our facility, a haircut free for the youth, and lunch free for the youth. Also provided with your sponsorship is a lecture on proper grooming, as well as how to prepare and market themselves for future success. All donations and sponsorships can be received at our Heads Up Barber and Beauty location. The home and headquarters of the “Heads Up For Our Youth” foundation. Also for your convenience we have created a paypal hyperlink on our website www.headsupbarberandbeauty.com where you can contribute your sponsorship.
Haircuts do more than just look good, they have the power to make us feel good. As well as walk tall with our heads high and gives us strength to face what’s next. This feeling coupled with the knowledge we provide along with the experience is a huge opportunity and you can be the one to gift this experience and lifelong knowledge to a local youth. All it takes is a simple donation or sponsorship.